Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week of May 21, 2018

Homeroom News:

*Please make sure you are following the dress code.  Remember: A North Schuylkill logo is acceptable however no other lettering, insignia, tape, or objects covering unapproved lettering and/or insignia is permitted.  Gym shorts should be no more than three inches above the knee.  Leggings and yoga pants are not acceptable gym attire.

**Important Dates**:
May 24th- 6th Grade Send Off 1 PM- You may sign your child at in the gymnasium following the ceremony.
May 25th- Knoebels- Forecast is 83 degrees and partly sunny.  Sneakers, 2024 class shirt and gym shorts are preferred attire.  Please send sunscreen and money for your child to buy drinks to stay hydrated.  If your child is riding the bus back, we will be back between 5:30-6; please be at the elementary school for that time.  
May 28th- No School
June 5th- Last Day of School (Early Dismissal)


We will be working on graph projects the rest of the year because of the increased number of classroom disruptions.  As long as your child participates and shares their findings with the class they will receive full credit.

***Please keep in mind that this is a tentative schedule I set in the beginning of the week and it is subject to change.

How you can help your child SUCCEED in math?

*Encourage your child to show all steps to his/her work when solving problems, even when using a calculator.
*Encourage your child to use the online textbook resources and Get More Math.
*Discuss vocabulary words and their meanings.
*Ask students to explain the procedure he/she used in each problem.
*Practice basic math facts.
*Monitor homework and your child's grades online.